Our Island Flavours

A blend of local water and 5-year-old Caribbean rums infused with wild botanicals and spices foraged and inspired from the Isle of Rùm.

Inspired by Rùms rich history, roasted kelp, spruce and meadowsweet capture the essence of the coastline, forests and glens that define this picturesque Hebridean island.

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Our Mission and Journey

The inspiration to make a rum from The Isle of Rùm is somewhat self-explanatory and even unimaginative. Although to our shock we discovered it had not been done before. Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest and right in front of you. 

This was certainly the case as the founding members of Askival Rum sailed around the west coast of Scotland and stumbled across the Isle of Rùm. 

So began the mission to create Askival Botanical Rum.

This is just the first step in our journey to create a pure Scottish rum on the Isle of Rùm that is fermented, distilled and bottled on the island to which it bears its name. 


Only a short ferry away